What to Look for in a Diamond Dealer

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Buying a diamond happens very few times in our lives, but it tends to happen at some of the very emotionally significant points in our lives. We need those moments to be perfect, as well as our jewelry. So we need a diamond dealer and jeweler we trust.


Choosing and buying a diamond is not an easy task. It requires assistance and guidance from professionals that are patient and knowledgeable enough to help you get what you want. See here what you need to look for in a diamond dealer or a jeweler:
1. The Jeweler Should Be Well-Established
This is the most important point. It is essential that the jeweler or diamond dealer that you are thinking of going with has been in the business for long enough to be well versed with it. Take the time out to research; a popular and established business tends to be recommended by many, so ask your friends and family for suggestions. You don’t want your diamonds from someone you don’t trust, and a well-established jeweler is someone that you can develop a long-term relationship with and always come back to when there is a need.
2. Good Service
You don’t have much knowledge about diamonds. That’s why you are at the store, and you must look for jewelers that offer good service. Staff that always attends to you and guide you, inform you about every single thing is something you should look for. If a jeweler tries to push something on you just to sell it, beware. You don’t need a salesman at such times; you need a helpful guide, someone who will walk you through all the selections but still help you narrow down your choices.
A respected jeweler will have several services under his command, for instance, a resident jeweler who repairs jewelry, a jeweler who helps with custom-made jewelry and a gemologist who can help you choose the right gems and stones in accordance with your budget and aesthetic preferences.
3. Good Knowledge and Store Selection
It is important that the diamond dealer or jeweler you choose has staff that can answer all your questions whenever you do ask. Don’t hesitate to walk away. All your questions and queries matter. So if someone is not able to help you much, you are better off choosing another store.
The store selection is another aspect to selecting a jeweler. The store you choose must have an incredible amount of selection for you to choose from, because it is one of the most important choices of your life and you want enough options to go through before you go with one. Again, the jeweler must help you narrow down your choices according to your needs.
4. The Certificate
Ask your jeweler for a diamond certificate for the diamond you choose. Every diamond he keeps should have a certificate to supplement it. One of the most popular certificates is one from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Other well known certifications are by the Gemological Science International (G.S.I) and the American Gem Society (AGS). The certificate is proof of the grading of the diamond.
5. Understand the Jeweler’s Policies
Diamonds have warranty and return policies too. Take the time and patience to understand the store’s warranty and return policies, and select the jeweler with the policies that suit you. Check whether the jeweler can provide your diamond in the time that you have.
When all is said and done, it all comes down to whether you can trust the jeweler or diamond dealer. Referrals are a great help in determining that, and your research will be great indicator. You must be prepared to spend some time to select the right diamond dealer so that you can buy the most important piece of jewelry in your life. Happy diamond buying!