What Diamond Shape Has the Most Sparkle

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Everyone is looking to get the most “bling for the buck”, so the question is, what makes diamonds sparkle?


The cut of the diamond is important since that is how the diamond handles the light. If the cut is shallow, light is lost through the sides. If the cut is deep, meaning the diamond base is longer, then the light is lost through the bottom. That is why an “Ideal” cut is the best since there is no loss of refracted light.




Another important factor is the number of facets. Brilliant shapes such as the round or cushion, are cut with the most facets which end up reflecting all the range of colors of a prism, and many appreciate that type of sparkle.


However, there are those that prefer classic, clean lines and the bright whiteness of a step-cut diamond. In that case, an emerald or the newer Asscher shapes provide a mirror-like surface because of the larger table surface on top of the stone.


All ten shapes of diamonds have their special, dazzling look and depending on the style you are going for, whether it’s traditional, vintage, antique, modern, or a completely custom look, the diamond we will help you choose for that setting will optimize the look and features of that diamond.