Top 7 Diamond Ring Trends

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For many couples and individuals, choosing the right engagement ring can be a really personal matter, as these rings are the symbol of their love to their partners and are very close to their hearts. Diamonds are the traditional stone used in engagement rings, and the past few years have seen a substantial rise in new designs and trends in the jewelry industry in keeping up with the demands of the female population and helping them find the perfect ornament for their fingers.

Here are some of the top diamond ring trends:


1. Solitaire with a Twist


For years and years, the popular diamond of choice for an engagement ring has been a solitaire diamond. One of the top trends for this year has been Solitaire with a Twist. These rings feature the traditional standout center diamond with uniquely twisted bands. This trend provides for a focus on the center diamond while also adding something special and fun to the mix with the twists. It is for the ladies looking for something simple but unique.


2. Rose Gold Bands


This is also one of the top trends in engagement rings lately. The elegance and aesthetic warmth of rose gold has seen it become one of the most in-demand metals for engagement rings. Popular celebrities have been seen flaunting these types of rings, and they have become really popular in the jewelry market. These look perfect on anybody and everybody and are a safe choice.


3. Delicate Silhouettes


These have seen a return to style as more and more couples have started to go for classic elegance and substance in their engagement rings as well as wedding rings. These rings feature thin bands adorned with accent diamonds that shine and sparkle subtly while making the center diamond really stand out among the rest.


4. Pear-shaped or Marquise-shaped diamonds


These designs are really coming into their own this year. Many couples are trying to be bold and go for the unique one this year, so the pear-shaped and marquise-shaped diamonds are starting to really be in demand. Of course, the round-shaped center diamonds still are the most popular choice, but watch out for these designs if you really want something unique and special.


5. Halo Diamond Rings


This is a vintage style. And they have really made a huge comeback in recent years, so much so that they are the top designs to look out for. Halo rings featuring traditional cushion-shaped and round diamonds have really become popular in the past few years, maybe because of the way in which the halo of accent diamonds makes the center diamond appear larger. This makes for a really romantic-vintage and classic style, and several creative variations have started appearing in the market, including double halos and floral halos.


6. Double Row or Split Shanks


Most engagement rings tend to focus on the center diamond and how it looks. But sometimes the elegance of the band is just as important. And what better way to accentuate the center diamond than a double straight band of diamonds or split shanks of diamonds to create an amazing piece of jewelry.


7. Non-traditional Designs


These have really burst into the market with a bang. Many women are looking to be unique and stand out from the rest by getting rings with non-traditional designs, for example, with asymmetrical curves and designs, or nature-inspired designs including vines and leaves or twisted bands and rose-cut diamonds or something else that takes their fancy or speaks more about their personality.

Some more of the popular trends include twisted and woven silhouettes, floral accents, vintage designs and three-stone settings. You can choose whatever fits you and your style because this is the most important piece of jewelry you will own.