Top 10 Platinum Engagement Ring Styles

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Platinum is one of the rarest precious metals on Earth, and a ring made out of platinum shows just how special your relationship is. Platinum rings are very popular among couples nowadays. Here are the top 10 platinum engagement ring styles:




1. Plain Band Rings


This ring is really the epitome of simple and effective. It features a simple setting for the center diamond with a plain platinum band for a classy look. Platinum can look good on anybody and this provides for a really simple and modern look.

halo platinum engagement ring


2. Halo Diamond Ring


The Halo style of ring is a popular design, in which the halo of accent diamonds makes the center diamond appear larger. It is a vintage and timeless style that has made a comeback in recent years to become one of the most popular designs in the market. It looks the best when made in platinum.

trellis platinum ring


3. Trellis Ring


The Trellis design is one in which four interwoven prongs hold your diamond ring aloft, providing a unique symbol of your union and marriage. If they have accent diamonds set in them, they might have a more classic look, as opposed to plain bands that might look more simple and modern. Choose whichever way you like it.



4. Petite Pave Ring


This kind of ring features a very thin and petite platinum band adorned with diamonds that accentuate the center diamond. These types of rings are classy, elegant and can be used as engagement rings as well as wedding rings.


5. Twisting band with center stone


These rings contain vines of platinum twisting and turning gracefully towards the beautiful center diamond in the middle. The movement in the ring makes the eyes go from one end to the next attracting the right kind of attention for the new bride. The yellow gold or platinum metal finish also helps to make the center diamond really stand out and provide an elegant supplement to the diamond.



6. Double Row Diamond Ring


Most engagement rings tend to focus on the center diamond and how it looks. But sometimes the elegance of the band is just as important. This type of ring features a platinum band that is split into 2 parallel rows with accent diamonds near the center stone all over it, helping to accentuate the main diamond.

split shank engagement ring


7. Split Shank Diamond Ring


This ring features a band that splits and widens as it reaches the center stone. It is a very popular design and can be made in platinum. The split shank can also feature pave-diamond accents to make sure the main diamond stands out.



8. Pear-Shaped Diamond


Pear-shaped diamonds have really come into their own recently. They are unique and can be adorned with accent diamonds that can also be pear or marquise-shaped, which really brings out the beauty of the center stone. These rings are for the adventurous and for couples looking to make an impression, and can look better in platinum settings.



9. Three-Stone Ring


Present her with three magnificent diamonds in a setting of platinum. Three-stone rings are steadily coming into fashion as the go-to ring for couples. These rings look classy and elegant while also making a bold statement.


10. Colored Diamond Ring


While many go the traditional route, over the years, the popularity of yellow, pink and black diamonds has grown and therefore, so have the variations of the single colored center diamond stone or the side stones having that added flair. This type of design helps the diamond to stand out and make an impression.


Platinum is steadily becoming the go-to precious metal for modern couples looking for an elegant and beautiful alternative to gold rings.