Same Sex Wedding Rings – Celebrating Your Union in Unique Ways

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Back in June 2015, we faced a breakthrough. Same-sex marriage was finally legalized throughout all 50 states in the US, calling for many new engagements and weddings and thus, many new engagement and same sex wedding rings to buy.


Weddings are wonderful occasions to declare our love for our partners and companions, and now every American can choose to celebrate and share this occasion with their loved ones if they want.

There is a ring for everybody, whether you are looking for the brilliant or the simplistic. Obviously, same-sex couples can wear any ring they want and it will be a same-sex wedding ring. But here are some unique ideas for same-sex couples to celebrate their success and their union together:

1. His and His and Hers and Hers Wedding Bands


This is a unique variation on the popular his and hers wedding rings sets. This is a simple but effective wedding ring for the couple looking to keep it simple. Couples can also go for different versions of the same style of ring, creating a unique set. For example, a male couple can go for two of these bands with one made of gold and the other platinum. It is all up to you, though.


2. Different Rings with a Common Element


Same-sex couples may go for a set of rings that differ significantly in style, but have a common element characterizing their relationship. One ring might be in a more modern style and the other might be in a more traditional style, but both would have the same stone in them to show their union.


3. Custom-Made Rings


Many couples tend to stick with tradition while choosing their rings, while some may think about being creative in their selection. Custom-designed rings are becoming more and more popular among same-sex couple nowadays, as they offer a high degree of customization and tend to be more personal. A couple can get a ring designed exactly how they like it.


4. Matching Wedding Bands


These tend to be the most popular of all choices when it comes to wedding rings. They are elegant, and have a high degree of customizability. Couples can go for platinum, gold or palladium, with different types of finishes and polishes to get these rings just like they want them. They can also go for some minimal designs or some really elaborate designs, whatever looks best.


Same-sex couples can also make these matching rings more romantic by getting their rings engraved either on the outside or the inside with something that is important to them as a couple; maybe a favorite line from a song or just your wedding date. You can get it engraved on the inside as your special little secret, or outside to show the world your love.


There are infinite ways that couples can get their rings designed. There are also several types of rings available in the market, made especially for same-sex couples.


One of them is the Love is Love ring. This ring features a design made of interlocking triangles, a tribute to the symbol of the gay rights campaign. This can be a beautiful symbol for same-sex couples looking to get married.


Another popular design is the Rainbow wedding band, the colors of the gay pride movement. This type of design features a white gold ring adorned with rainbow colored sapphires and gems. There isn’t a better way to wear your pride than this wedding ring.


Same-sex couples were provided the best news in June and now they can show their commitment through marriage. Wedding rings that are symbols of their love are a good start, and there is no shortage of the perfect set of rings.