How to Keep Your Wedding Ring Clean

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Girls love to flaunt those rings every chance they get. You probably love the way the light dances off your ring, and you don’t want the glow to get tarnished, so you try to keep it clean and shining every day. Wedding rings tend to get counted as some of your most prized possessions, so it’s no wonder you want them as perfect as they can be, all the time, maybe forever.

We wear rings on our fingers, which are subject to most of the activities of the day. We touch and grab and hold several things throughout the day, so rings need care to keep them looking new and sparkling. Your jewelry is not just something you wear to show your commitment to your partner or an important ornament from an aesthetic point of view; it is also an investment.


So first of all, get your ring insured as early as you can. You don’t want to lose it or get it stolen without a plan to get it back. And then you take care of it.




1. Handle it carefully. Prevention is better than cure. Take steps to shield your ring and diamond from damage. Handle your ring by the band, and not by the diamond or the stone. This will prevent the oils from your hand settling on the stone and also will keep the stone secure in its setting for a longer period of time.


2. Repair those scratches. Gold and platinum rings tend develop a lot of scratches over time. They don’t tarnish, though scratches are inevitable. A quick polish with your pre-packaged jewelry cleaning solution will remove all minor surface scratches from your gold or platinum ring.


If your ring is made of sterling silver, it is best that you avoid using cleaning chemicals to clean the ring. Silver tends to be reactive and you may end up ruining the ring. In any case, taking you ring to the jeweler will help with anything and you might get rid of all those scratches.


3. Protect your ring. There are several times in a day when you can get your ring dirty. For example, while you are bathing, substances like shampoo, soap etc. can become accumulated on your ring. Similarly, while applying makeup or preparing food, stuff can get deposited on your ring, making it lose its luster. So protect your ring by taking it off when you bathe, prepare food or apply makeup.


4. Clean it at home. If you do not have the time to go down to the jewelry store or don’t want to use the pre-packaged jewelry cleaning solution, you can make your own cleaning solution. Make a solution of one part ammonia and four parts water for gold and platinum rings, and make a solution of warm water and mild liquid dish detergent for sterling silver rings.
Soak your ring in the solution for several minutes before you scrub it in a bowl of soap and warm water. Use a soft brush for scrubbing, and scrub gently until clean.


Be careful not to soak soft gemstones in liquids. Instead, wet a soft cloth in that liquid and wipe the gemstone clean. Once your ring has been cleaned, rinse it in warm water and wipe them with a soft cloth.


5. Get your jewelry checked. Rings are worn on your fingers, which are put to use with various activities throughout the day. It is quite possible that the stones in them may loosen up, or they might be exposed to wear and tear. Take your rings to the jeweler regularly and he will not only return them looking all new, he will have taken care of all minor damage.