Average Cost of an Engagement Ring

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Velasquez Jewelers prides itself on designing the perfect engagement ring that she will love forever based on  getting to know your taste and learning about your special someone, but the question inevitably comes up about how much an engagement ring should cost.


The answer is simple: whatever your budget allows.


There is talk of 1 month salary to 3 month’s salary as what you should spend on a ring, while the average cost in the Northern Virginia area is around $4000 for the engagement ring and $1000 for the wedding band, but we know every couple is different and every budget is different, so what we like to do is find the largest and best quality diamond center stone based on your budget and then guide you in designing the style of the engagement ring. If you already have a concept or style in mind, that is helpful as we can play with some of the characteristics to help reach your goal.


Our exceptional collection of quality diamond engagement rings offers gorgeous customizable options, as well as ready-to-ship styles. We, at Velasquez Jewelers, help educate you about the qualities of diamonds and other gemstones as well as precious metals, that way you can rest assured that you will be getting the best possible value, and all our quotes and consultations are free.


We are always here to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable as have a high regard for your individual tastes and respect your budget. Our years of dedication has resulted in hundreds of affordable engagement rings for happy couples like yourselves.