Inside Scoop on Custom-Made Engagement Rings

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The question always comes up whether you should choose and already pre-manufactured engagement ring or go with a custom-made engagement ring.


Many couples tend to go with the traditional center diamond design with an elegant band that may be plain or studded with accent diamonds. There are several types of engagement rings available in jewelry stores and online. People tend to have lots of choices when it comes to choosing engagement rings, and a ring suiting them and their partner can be easily found.


But some couples tend to be adventurous and want to be different. They want rings that can complement and suit their personalities and aesthetic preferences. Such couples generally go for custom-made engagement rings which are hand- crafted by in-house goldsmiths.


It is safe to think that any design is possible with custom-made engagement rings. And for such a ring, it is necessary that you place your faith in a reputable jeweler. At Velasquez Jewelers, we have countless rings with different designs to try on and appreciate. If you want your own unique design, you can do so with the help of our trained and talented jewelers.


The way it works is that you first choose which kind of diamond you want. You start by choosing a diamond from a wide variety, and you can ask for exactly what you want. It is important that you choose a diamond that is accompanied by a grading certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or some other popular jewelry certification institution.


Be sure that when you choose the diamond, you use the 4Cs of diamond buying: Carat Weight, Cut, Clarity and Color. Our staff at Velasquez are well aware of the 4Cs and will inform you and help you through the process.


The carat weight is used to determine the size of the ring you want. You can select a size according to your preferences and according to your budget. The cut of the diamond determines how brilliant the diamond is and the clarity determines how many flaws are included in the gemstone. Finally comes the color, which ranges from colorless (D) to yellow diamond (Z). G to J colors are preferred for their value.


Once you have chosen the diamond, then comes the time for the design. After choosing the diamond, the jeweler will guide you to select a design for your ring. You will be given the opportunity to consult several of the designs on display and select the one which suits you best and then modify it, or you can mix and match several different characteristics of different ring designs and design your own ring. It’s your wish all the way.


Customer satisfaction is what we strive for at Velasquez Jewelers, so to make sure you get the design that you asked for, we will show it to you before the stone setting process, just to clarify whether the design is right and whether any more modification is needed.


Our advice is that you start early on your ring selection and setting process so that we can help you the best we can without rushing the process. After you have confirmed your diamond and designs, we will set your diamond into your ring with as much precision and care as we can.


If you already own a diamond, you can get it set in a ring too. All you have to do is bring the diamond to the store and we will set it for you in the design that you choose. Velasquez Jewelers will also assist you with using your heirloom jewelry in a new design.


We also recommend that you get your engagement and wedding ring from the same store, as the staff will know about you and your preferences and it will be easier to assist you with your wedding rings. Cause of course, you don’t want to go store-searching again!