Certified vs Un-Certified Diamonds

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Difference between Certified and Non-Certified Diamonds


While to the untrained eye it may seem that there isn’t any significant difference between the two, there is,in fact, a reason why certified diamonds are more expensive than uncertified ones.


What exactly is Certification?
A certificate of authenticity of a diamond assesses the main factors that determine the quality of a diamond: cut, clarity, carat and color. The document of certification will provide a ‘grading’ for each of the factors. A diamond certification establishes the credibility of a diamond ensuring the buyer that the product they’re about to purchase is of the correct value and has been checked by an official body.


Non-certified Diamonds

There is a common belief that non certified diamonds are of a lesser value than certified diamonds or are somehow fraudulent. This, however, is a misconception. While a diamond may hold the same ‘grade’, whether it is certified or non-certified, a certified diamond incurs a higher price due to the cost of certification by a professional gemology institution.


Take this into consideration when you are purchasing diamonds from local jewelers in Virginia. Velasquez Jewelers has a quality reputation and handles both certified and non-certified diamonds. For lower cost items, you may not want to pay the additional fees associated with the certification process.


However, it may be appropriate to ensure certification for an investment grade diamond. In addition to your peace of mind, many insurers require a certification and/or appraisal for high value diamonds.


Velasquez Jewelers does have an in-house licensed gemologist who can provide an appraisal for a small fee and by appointment only.


Some of the Certifying Authorities:diamond-GIA-certificate

GIA: Gemological Institute of America
AGS: American gem Society
EGL: European Gemological Laboratory


There are numerous other certifying bodies that apply the same standards as these industry associations. Their trustworthiness is assessed by the fact that they do not receive any commissions on sale of diamonds nor do they have any hidden agendas. Velasquez Jewelers is happy to acquire a certification for your diamond if it is important to you or we can have one done by our gemologist.


Whether your certification comes directly from one of the above mentioned resources or another certifying body, Velasquez Jewelers will ensure your certification is authentic. The majority of the diamonds we sell are GIA certified.